“Americas Ultimate Frying Potato

The Kingston Fryer program was developed utilizing over 40 years of benchmarking what makes the perfect frying potato. Working with some of the largest multi-unit restaurant operators on the country Kingston has refined the process for packing the right potatoes for the FRESH FRENCH FRY AND CHIP market.

Our Quality Assurance team starts long before the potatoes are planted and manages our proprietary process consistently through Harvest, Grading, Packing and Shipping ensuring our distributors receive and handle the Kingston Fryer according to our stringent program guidelines. This total program management process ensures the end users of our products receive the right product, in the right condition to produce the best tasting fries and chips in America.

Packing and shipping over 1.5 million 50lb units annually to all corners of the United States, working with the R&D and Menu Development teams of our customers and in the restaurants developing and training management in the nuances of producing the perfect fries and chips is the reason  the restaurant and foodservice industry regards Kingston as the ‘KING” of the frying potato resulting in what we now call the Kingston Fryer.

The Kingston Fryer program is available year round with distribution by truck or rail. Product is packed in bags or cartons.

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