All Fries Are Not Created Equal

So you started a new “Better Burger” concept and decided to add Fresh Hand-Cut Fries to the menu. You went web surfing and did a little research on cooking methodology and ordered up some potatoes from a local supplier and, well, they didn’t turn out quite how you imagined. Definitely not what you expected, not like the ones you had at the nine competitors joints you checked out around town. Your fries cooked up too dark, they came out of the fryer slightly crispy but soon turned soggy and they tasted like, well, not much. Certainly not like you would have expected coming from fresh potatoes and all, I mean they were supposed to taste great, right?

Not so fast, making great fresh hand-cut fries is part science and part art. There is a finessing that must take place between starting with the right potato and using a cooking method that produces the end result ”you” consider the best fry, one that your customers will come back for time and time again. One that needs no sauce, that is nearly as profitable as the burger and one that is consistent over time.

So where do you go for answers? To people with experience, people who have been packing and shipping “America’s Ultimate Frying Potato” for over 40 years, Kingston Fresh. Located in Idaho Falls Idaho, Kingston Fresh employs a proprietary system ensuring its customers start with the right Potato for the job.

imageFor information on the Kingston Fryer “America’s Ultimate Frying Potato” visit or call (208) 522-7070.

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