To Blanch or Not to Blanch

In what seems like a never ending quest to find the perfect, most consistent method for making fresh cut french fries the topic of blanching comes up almost more than any other.

Should I blanch at the same temperature as I finish fry? Should I blanch at a lower temperature? Should I blanch in Oil? Hot water? The oven? If so, what kind of oven? Or should I blanch at all? Why not just drop some fresh cut potato sticks into some hot oil and cook them until they look done?

There are as many ways to answer these questions as there are opinions of what the best fries should look and taste like. Should the color be light, more “blonde”? Or slightly golden? Or be a deep golden-brown? There is no correct answer as it depends on what you want your finished product to look and taste like.

If your not sure how to get started or need help refining a process for your “Ultimate” hand cut french fry you can always count on the team at Kingston, give us a call today.

imageFor information on the Kingston Fryer “America’s Ultimate Frying Potato” visit or call (208) 522-7070.

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